About Me

You have reached the personal blog for Bob Willet. I am a retired programmer just playing around on the internet, trying to stay sane.

I was an MSF certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor until I moved to Uvalde where there just aren’t enough bikes to warrant a class.

The websites I have done have been for non-profits so they were free, they get a website and I get something to do. If you’re a non-profit in need of some programming skills use the Contact Me link to send me an email. I will respond usually within 24 hours.

I started out using PHP and CSS for my websites just to learn some of the tricks of the trade. Recently I have been switching my sites over to WordPress. This relieves me of most of the site updates. You can check out some of my web programming skills here Miracle League of El Paso, here First Presbyterian Church of Uvalde and here Woodhaven  Presbyterian Church.

If you click on the picture of my Moto Guzzi you can read my tumblr blog. Its just something I’m doing for fun. The Uvalde Travel Guide was my project for the Advanced Web Programming class I was taking from Austin Community College. I was hoping to learn something new but to no avail. Although the travel guide has come in handy because of all the links to local businesses.

The Healthy Eating link is another project I was working on. This project uses lots of PHP and MySQL. It is my own version of a food intake tracking system. My system will track carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, and calories. I have installed an abbreviated version of the USDA food database. This allows me to select items and have their nutritional information automatically stored instead of having to look on labels or other places.

— Bullet Bob


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